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October 16, 2021

There is alarming news about the future of our Adelaide Parklands.  The Government has introduced a ‘Riverbank Precinct Code Amendment’ to the planning regulations which will allow substantial developments on both sides of the Torrens river.

The current ‘Adelaide Parklands Zone’ protecting this area will change to a ‘City Riverbank Zone/Health Subzone’ which will cover 70 hectares and embrace a so- called ‘world class’ health, biomedical, entertainment, ‘activity’ and ‘innovation’ precinct.  It also envisages ‘on water’ development.

Much of this is code for commercial activity and allows for high rise developments of up to 20 storeys.  And this is in addition to the previously announced massive and unnecessary basketball stadium on the South Riverbank.

The planned latest health precinct encompasses the proposed new Women’s and Children’s Hospital and its associated car park, transport hub and flyover bridge which will extend its footprint to the river and west to the Adelaide Goal.

This gross infringement on the riverbank and its historic olive grove is a by product of the disastrous decision to build the hospital on an inadequate footprint next to the RAH.

With all this desecration of our treasured riverbank and Parklands environment, we will still be left with a hospital that would barely be adequate for our current needs, let alone able cater for our women and children when it is finally completed in six years time.

One of the more cynical aspects of this scenario is the use of the health and biomedical imperative as a ‘Trojan Horse’ to promote the extension of commercial and inappropriate development into the Parklands.   We cannot possibly object to the former so we must tolerate the latter!

These proposals in all their aspects sit at the lunatic fringe of urban development.

They must be exposed and resisted.

Warren Jones 

Convenor, Protect our Heritage Alliance

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