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Martindale Hall


The world-renowned Martindale Hall, in Mintaro, South Australia, was a gift to the people from the Mortlock family.

The State Government is promoting an 'unsolicited bid' to sell the Hall, out-buildings, And surrounding land to a private consortium.

Their proposal is to privatise what is now a publicly-owned Conservation Park to create an exclusive luxury resort. If this sale is allowed to occur the people of South Australia will lose the benefit of what was gifted to them for the private enjoyment of a few.

We are at crunch-time: the Government’s Martindale Hall Bill will probably be voted on in the Upper House in the next several weeks.

Even though the Parliament has risen, the Government is pressing on with its plans to enable the privatisation of Martindale Hall by removing current protections that protect it as as an asset for the community. 

The future of the bill is in the hands of the crossbench, as Labor has put on record its opposition to the bill. If passed, it will expose the State-Heritage listed Hall and its Conservation Park to the risk of privatisation and a significant reduction in public access.

Our paper petition calling on the Parliament to save Martindale Hall for the people has now reached more than 5,000 signatures. At least 10,000 signatures are required for the Petition to be presented to the Legislative Review Committee and thence to the Parliament.

It is imperative that we reach this goal so that a strong message is sent to Upper House MPs before they deliberate on the Bill in February.

We need your help to keep Martindale Hall for the people and protect it from the Government’s privatisation plans.

This is our last chance to save Martindale Hall and place it under the protective care and control of the National Trust for all South Australians.