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Now is the time - Fix the Code

The new Planning Minister Vickie Chapman has publicly stated that she is prepared to review some of the many problems with the Planning and Design Code, and to delay its implementation.

We now have a window of opportunity to capitalise on this delay and convince the Government that this flawed and unpopular attempt at planning reform is attracting increased community attention, and may threaten their re-election prospects.

I urge you, again, to write to your local MPs and to members of the Upper House (list of MPs)

In response to many requests, I also attach a draft Letter for this purpose which you may chose to use as it is, or to use it to inform your own words.

Letters to our politicians need not be long and they can be repetitious.   The main thing is to communicate so that an extensive correspondence is generated and logged in their parliamentary and electoral offices.

With Best Regards

Warren Jones AO




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