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We are entering a critical phase in the campaign to stop the proposed desecration of Ayers House at the hands of the Government and its agency the History Trust of SA.  

The report of the parliamentary Public Works Committee dated 18 November 2021 describes plans for offices, administrative areas, storage space, a commercial kitchen, catering facilities and corporate functions.  

Seventy percent or more of the area previously leased by the National Trust will be given over to these activities.  So much for heritage and public access!

The historic fabric and character of Ayers House must be preserved and maintained for the people of SA and beyond.

There is no need to appropriate this State Heritage building for Government activities that can easily and more appropriately be accommodated elsewhere on North Terrace.

Please check out our campaign Video and share with your friends and family or via Facebook.

Keep Ayers House for the People
The Government must legislate to prevent this from happening and return Ayers House to the care of the National Trust of SA.  This is the sort of protection afforded the historic Parramatta Park Old Government House by the NSW Government.

We will press whichever Government assumes power on March 19 to complete the timely installation of a lift and air conditioning in the House, and to restore the National Trust as custodians and Trustees.

If you haven't already, please sign and share our online Petition  and download the Petition to Parliament and collect some signatures.

Please keep up the battle.   We are making substantial inroads into public opinion and political awareness.   This is a war that we must and will win.

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