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The Waite Gatehouse Remains Under Threat


Dear Supporter and Concerned Community Member,

Despite extensive and unprecedented community pushback, the State Government seems doggedly determined to ignore the imperative to save the 130 year old Waite Gatehouse.   If the Gatehouse is demolished it will be the first State Heritage listed structure to be destroyed by the State Government in SA history; a terrible legacy and a frightening precedent.

Minister Corey Wingard has chosen to ignore expert independent advice that the Gatehouse can safely be moved and preserved without any serious loss of trees.  The historic building has already been externally restored and can be renovated internally as part of the re-location process.

Contrary to misinformation from the Minister and his Department, there is adequate space and access to accommodate associated re-location processes and lay-down areas for excavated soil and equipment.  There are a number of accessible re-location sites that will allow the Gatehouse, once again, to be connected to the avenue leading to Urrbrae House.  

In a recent development, the Minister has attempted to deflect responsibility for a decision about the fate of the gatehouse by offering $2 million to the University of Adelaide to ‘solve the problem’.   This is a cynical attempt to compromise the University, which, if it rejects the offer, will be seen to be condemning the Gatehouse to demolition.

However, this money should not be disbursed in this way for political purposes.  If it accepts this ‘bribe’, the University will be complicit in diverting this fund away from its proper purpose, that is, supporting worthy heritage projects across the State.

As it turns out, in making this devious offer to the University, the Minister and his advisers have ‘wedged’ themselves.   In effect, it is an admission that the Government believes that the Gatehouse is worth saving and that $2 million should be made available to make this happen.  However this should come from the Department’s budget and not plundered from an earmarked general heritage fund.

And so, the fight goes on.   The Government must come to its senses and realise that the Electorate will never forget nor forgive the unnecessary and senseless destruction of the heritage Gatehouse.

You can help to put pressure on the Minister and his Government by: 


Stay COVID safe.  Masks and distancing.

Thank you and see you there,

Warren Jones AO


Tell your State MP to stop the destruction 


Please write to your State MP  and ask them to stop the destruction of the Waite Gatehouse. The Transport Minister Corey Wingard needs to find a better solution.  


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