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Please raise your voice to stop this vandalism

Hundreds of protestors rallied at the Lodge last Sunday to protect the Lodge

The Government has announced its intention to demolish the 130 year old State Heritage listed Waite Gatehouse Lodge to clear the way for an unnecessary and massive intersection widening at Fullarton and Cross Roads.   This has provoked an angry protest from across the community last Sunday and an unprecedented push back and extensive coverage from our local media.  (Advertiser opinion piece).

The Protect our Heritage Alliance has joined with other organisations to demand the relocation of the Lodge to an adjacent site in the Waite Arboretum, and the minimisation of any tree loss.

State Heritage buildings must always be protected from demolition or their identification and listing is meaningless.   The Government’s indifference to the fate of this historic icon bodes ill for South Australia’s heritage when protections are weakened under the forthcoming Planning and Design Code.

The editorial piece in InDaily uses the Gatehouse as a symbolic example of everything that is wrong with priorities in urban planning in Adelaide.

Despite the public outcry, the Department of Transport and Infrastructure persists with its absurd and disingenuous justifications for demolition.  The Premier and the Minister responsible for heritage have been silent, but other Liberal MPs have spoken out.  

The Government clearly has misread the mood and will of the electorate on the Waite Gatehouse issue.  It needs to reverse its ill-considered decision and to appropriate funding to save this precious structure.

You can help to put pressure on the Minister and his Government by: 

Thank you for your support.  Together we can win this and save the lodge!

Warren Jones AO
Convenor, Protect our Heritage Alliance


Tell your State MP to stop the destruction of the lodge


Please write to your State MP  and ask them to stop the destruction of the Waite Gatehouse. The Transport Minister Corey Wingard needs to find a better solution.  


Professor Warren Jones AO is the Convenor of the Protect our Heritage Alliance, a coalition of concerned organisations and individuals, working to protect our built and natural environment.   GPO Box 2021 Adelaide, SA 5001

Phone: 0419 852 622  Email: [email protected]       Facebook: protectourheritageSA

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